Meal Prep – Lunch Wraps


It’s Sunday again and that means…meal prep day! I haven’t posted my meal prep lunches in a while, mostly because meal prep day takes a lot of time, and that usually means I don’t have any extra to take pictures and write down recipes as I cook. I was feeling good and motivated today, so decided to share this one.


I am always looking to change up what we eat so I don’t get bored or stuck in a rut eating the same meals week after week. I start meal planning a few days before I actually go grocery shopping so I can think of good meals, and browse the internet for some new ideas. This week I decided to go with wraps for lunches. Its the middle of summer, and here in Richmond it’s freaking HOT outside! So a light and cool lunch is preferred.

On the menu this week, Buffalo Chicken Salad Wraps with Chips, and Cranberry Turkey & Cheddar Pinwheels with Pasta Salad.


Let’s start with the Buffalo Chicken Salad Wraps. I have an amazing chicken salad recipe that I typically never stray from. I will make a post about it one day, but it’s so good…my husband and I never tire of it. This summer we have been eating it so frequently for lunch. I decided I wanted to make chicken salad wraps, then remembered we had chicken salad the week before last, so I had to switch it up. I was looking through my recipe book and saw my recipe for Buffalo Chicken Taquitos, and thought – why don’t I make a buffalo chicken salad?


That’s how this heavenly creation was born. If you love buffalo chicken, you will not be dissapointed. If you do not like spicy food, this is not the wrap for you.

I started by cooking 3 chicken breasts. You can use whatever type of chicken you prefer, this is just what I had on hand. I actually forgot to buy chicken this week, so luckily I found these in my freezer. I sprinkled them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. The baked at 375° for 35-40 minutes. These were huge, so I cooked them a bit longer then I typically cook chicken.


While they were cooking, I made the dressing. In a large bowl I combined 1 pack of ranch dressing mix, 1/2 cup texas pete hot sauce, 1 8oz container of plain greek yogurt, 3/4 cup blue cheese crumbles, 3 stalks of celery chopped, and 1 tbs freshly chopped chives.


When my chicken was done cooking, I cut it into fairly large pieces. Usually for my chicken salad I shred the chicken, but since this has a pretty rich and runny sauce, I kept the chicken in larger pieces so it would keep it’s shape better.


Then add the chicken to the buffalo mixture.


Next it’s time to wrap ’em up! I suck at wraps. I just don’t know how the right way to wrap is! I have tried so many different ways, studied the wrap masters while in line at Chipotle, its just not one of my talents. So I just try my best and every one ends up different. Oh well. Can’t win them all.


I just served these with chips. Some of the containers I used cracker chips, and some I used Cape Cod chips. These are so yummy, I probably could have gotten one more wrap out of the mixture if I didn’t keep eating it!


This Chicken Salad is a great way to mix it up from eating the traditional recipe. I will be making this more often! Has all the flavors of buffalo chicken dip while still being healthy. It’s a win for me!


The second lunch option we have this week are these Cranberry Turkey & Cheddar Pinwheels, with Balsamic Pasta Salad.


These pinwheels will make you never want to eat a turkey sandwich again. I made these based off the turkey pinwheels they sell at Costco. When my youngest son, Isaac, was baptized, we had a little party for him after at my in laws house. In my newborn induced fog, I had totally forgotten that I probably needed to feed people, and hadn’t cooked or planned any food. Thankfully my mother in law hadn’t forgotten, and she fed us. Thanks Debbie! One of the things she had gotten were these turkey pinwheels from Costco. I tried one and oh my god…it was so good. I knew I had to try to replicate the deliciousness, and these are a great replica!


What makes these so amazing is the cranberry cream cheese. I softened two bricks of cream cheese, and added them to a bowl with 1/2 cup of whole berry cranberry sauce.


Then creamed those together with a hand mixer. I made alot of cream cheese, but thats because I want to use whats left to made some yummy breakfast pastries later in the week. You can just use 1 block of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of cranberry sauce.


If you want, you can just stop here and grab a spoon!


Sort of.

Be generous with this spread, without it the pinwheels can be dry. I put two heaping spoonfuls in the middle, and spread it out.


I love the contrast of the green wrap with the pink spread.

Then I used 4 slices of deli turkey,  2 slices of cheddar cheese and a handful of fresh spinach. I didn’t put the rest of the filling all the way to one side because when you roll it up, the filling moves. Plus you want some of the cream cheese to be exposed to seal your wrap closed.

Roll these up as tightly as you can, then wrap them in saran wrap. Place in the fridge for about 30 mins or so to firm up.

Then use a sharp knife to cut these into 1 inch slices. The ends I just cut off and eat right then because they always end up loose with hardly any filling. I put one wraps worth of pinwheels into each container.


To eat with this, I made some pasta salad. My favorite pasta to use for pasta salad is tri-colored rotini. Something about the shape just holds the flavor of the dressing so nicely. I used a pound of pasta.


To the pasta I add a can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed, an 8oz package of feta cheese cut into cubes, a can of artichoke hearts that I cut a bit smaller, 2 diced tomatoes, and some fresh parsley.


Next I added 1 1/2 cups of homemade balsamic dressing. You can use store bought balsamic vinaigrette, or whatever dressing you prefer.


I like to make my pasta salad the day before, because it always soaks up so much dressing, and I like my pasta salad to taste like vinegar. I love vinegar so much. So if it’s not up to my vinegar standards, I add a tad more.


I’m getting hungry just looking at these pictures. I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow. The only issue I’m going to have is deciding what meal I am going to eat!






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