The 2 Minute Full Lip Hack

lip hack

I can’t help but notice lately that full lips are everywhere. Lip injections seem to be the latest beauty fad. Tv shows, Instagram, magazines…all the women have these gorgeous full lips. That’s great if you have the money and desire to plump up your lips, but if you don’t want to do that you can play with makeup to get the same look.

As a mom, I don’t have as much time to do my makeup as I used to. Working in the beauty industry, I used to have a full face of makeup on everyday. Lately, I mostly put on light foundation, blush, mascara and eyebrows. If we go out somewhere I will do my hair and makeup, but being a stay at home isn’t very glamorous so there’s not really a point. My butt is always in yoga pants and my hair stays in a messy bun.

Every once in a while the old me reappears and I will actually have myself put together. I enjoy it…but 30 minutes for makeup, 45 minutes for hair, plus the 20 minutes it takes to shower…what mom has time?

So if you’re like me, and want to experiment with makeup but don’t have time to follow the 11 step tutorial for fuller lips you find on pinterest, this is a great hack for you. There’s only 2 steps and 2 products to this “full lip hack” and you can achieve the same look in under two minutes.

Here’s my natural lips.


I actually have pretty decent shape, but my bottom lip is fuller than the top, and when I smile my top lip seems to completely disappear. So I like to try to make my top lip fuller to match the bottom.

So the first thing I am going to do is cover my lips with my foundation. I know this sounds strange, but think of it as the same concept as using a primer under your eyeshadow. This is an optional step, but I find it helps my lip color to last longer, and if you’re going for a matte lip, this also will help you get that look easier.


Next I am going to line my lips using lipliner. I have also used the pointed edge of a lipstick if I didn’t have the liner shade I was going for. For a fuller looking lip I am going to line outside of my natural lip line. This is what makes them look bigger than they are. Start paying attention to women’s lips on TV. I guarantee you will now start to notice all of them have liner outside of their lip line.


As you can see, I also put liner on the corners of my lips. I enhanced the color so you could really see the placement and contrast. Sometimes it’s hard to pick it up on camera. Having the color slightly lighter in the middle of your lip also makes them look fuller.

Next, just put lipstick on. Choose a color similar to the lip liner, but a couple shades lighter so the contrast of the liner helps your lips to look full. Don’t do the whole 90’s thing where women put brown liner with nude lipstick…that’s never a good look.


You can always go further outside your lip to get an even fuller look, but I find I start to feel silly if I go any larger than this. I wouldn’t be a good candidate for lip injections, because even though these lips feel huge to me, they are still small compared to most celebrities.

Also, make sure you are aware of your toddlers whereabouts when putting on makeup.


Here’s also using the same technique with a nude lip color.


So there you have it! A 2 step, 2 minute full lip hack!

Step 1 – Line Lips outside of natural lip line

Step 2- Add a glossy lipstick on top






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