DIY Glider Makeover

PicMonkey ImageMy sister is currently 39 weeks pregnant, and is due in less than a week. This being baby #3, she has been asking for a lot of hand me downs instead of buying things new that will only be used for a short amount of time. Since she didn’t use her old glider much with her first two kids, she didn’t want to shell out nearly $200 for a new one that may not even be used. So she put up a post on Facebook asking if anyone had an old one they were willing to part with, and someone replied saying they had one she could have for free. Great right? This is what she ended up with:


Yikes. I mean, this thing is straight out of the 70’s right? I went over to her house last week, and she had put some crib sheets around the cushions in an attempt to make it more pleasing to the eye, and said she was trying to convince her husband to spray paint it. I immediately knew I needed to update this thing for her.

The next day I brought my husbands truck over, and picked up the chair. I had an ottoman from my glider that doesn’t get used much anymore, so I decided to makeover that to match. So this is what we started out with:


Upon further inspection, I noticed the cushions to this chair were also from the 70’s, and needed to be replaced, not just covered. You notice that GREEN foam? No. So I went to hobby lobby and bought 3 yards of fabric, foam, and paint.


The first thing I did was make new cushions. The seat to this glider was very low, so I doubled the foam to make a taller seat. I used the existing cushions and traced them onto the new foam, and made the top cushion 4 inches shorter to make up for the taller height of the new bottom cushion.


Then I tested them out on the chair to make sure they fit. At this point I decided I didn’t like the shape of the bottom cushion, and it would look better and more modern to just have them square.


Not pictured is how much of a pain in the ass it is to cut foam!

Next it was time to make my cushion covers. Here’s a secret…I’ve actually never done anything like this before. I have painted and redone furniture, but never made cushions or reupholstered anything. So this project was a first for me.

For the back cushion, I just traced the existing cover.


I traced and cut out the shape, then folded it in half longways to make sure the curve was even on both sides.


Once I had the right shape, I used the fabric to cut out the front side of the cover.


Now it was time to sew the fabric together. Placing the pattern sides facing each other, I aligned the edges then pinned all the way around, leaving the bottom open. Then sewed all the way around.


Then I ironed the seam flat, and ironed the bottom edges in.


The original cushions had tabs to attach to the back of the chair, so I added ties to this cover. On the back, I marked where I wanted the ties to be with a fabric marker.


Next I cut two strips of fabric, 2 inches wide by 23 inches long.


I ironed the edges in, then ironed them in half until I had a 1/2 inch piece, and sewed down the edge.


Once I had both done, I just sewed them onto the back side of the cushion cover where I had marked.


Next I pulled my cover over the foam, and fully intended to hand sew the bottom shut…but in a moment of tiredness I ran the rotary cutter over my thumb and sliced right through my nail. So my thumb is out of commission, therefore hand sewing wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I hot glued this bad boy shut like a present. Sorry Krystal.


Hey it worked!


Next I had to make the bottom cushion cover which was a bit more challenging because I couldn’t just trace an existing cover. I had to make my own pattern to fit my new cushion. So I started by placing the cushion on my fabric, and tracing it about 4 inches too wide, just to give myself lots of wiggle room. Remember, I’ve never done this before so I would rather waste some fabric then not have cut enough.



It’s important to be aware of your fabric pattern when cutting the cushions. On my top cover the arrows are pointing down, so I need to make sure the arrows also point down on the bottom cushions.


Next I placed the foam in between the two pieces of fabric.


I didn’t get a good picture of how I made this, because at this point it was getting late and I was tired, but I kind of pinched both layers of fabric together to meet in the middle, then made a new outline, cut the excess, and sewed the two pieces together along my line.


Before moving forward I tested it on my cushion, and it worked! Yay! So I did the same thing as my top cushion and ironed down the seam, and ironed in the bottom, then placed my foam inside and glued it shut.


The last cushion I had to make was the easiest one of all, the ottoman. For this all I did was cut the fabric, and use the staple gun to attach.


Now that all my cushions were made and covered, It was time to paint the chair! Usually with furniture I like to chalk paint, but with how many nooks and crannies that were in this chair, and with the time constraint of my sisters impending due date, I opted to spray paint.

First I lightly sanded, then did a coat of spray white primer. (Sorry HOA!)


When that dried I went over with two coats of the mint blue. I actually forgot to take a pic at this stage of the chair being painted, but here’s the ottoman!


My handy husband reattached the ottoman top to the base, then the chair was complete!


I was super happy with how this turned out. For my first project like this, I was pretty pleased. Its not completely perfect, but it will look adorable in a nursery and goes great with the theme my sister choose! I am excited now for the next project like this!

Let me know what you think!

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One thought on “DIY Glider Makeover

  1. Wow, that is pretty amazing! Looks gorgeous!
    You have both grandma’s talents.
    Grandma Humphrey was an interior designer decorator who loved to redo old furniture. I still have her hand stenciled commode. She also made the wood beam ceiling in our house growing up.
    Grandma Guzman liked to sew and do crafts. Quilting is what we all remember her for. They are gorgeous!
    Keep up the good work!
    Baby #3 will love it!


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