Like many of you reading, I am simply a stay at home mom trying to occupy my mind with things other than Paw Patrol and Blippi. I am very blessed to be the mommy of two little sweethearts, Tanner who is 3 and Isaac who is 8 months. They are my entire world and they keep me on my toes!

There is also another man in my life to feed and love on, my wonderful husband Greg, who is also in the Military. The time away from him is hard, so I fill my time with hobbies! One of my main hobbies is cooking. I didn’t really start cooking until I married 5 years ago. I discovered I was good at it! Everyone always compliments my food and looks forward to my meals. I also discovered recently, I don’t do a bad job taking pictures of my food. So why not take my hobbies and make them into a blog!

Some other things I enjoy are painting, reading, sewing and crafting. I’m not a pro at any of those things, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I am a pro when it comes to hair. Before I spent my days making baby food and changing diapers, I spent it in the salon cutting, coloring and styling hair. I also was a makeup artist and gave makeup lessons and did bridal makeup.

I love being creative and seeing other people benefit from my creativity! I wish I had more time to put into what I enjoy doing, and I’m sure one day that time will come when my babies are grown and I miss them being little. As for now, I cook everyday…multiple times a day. So come with me on a food journey as we learn together how to make delicious meals!